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The Gameboys - Super DJing Bros

Author: 3D
Monday, 25 February 2008
No, no, we’re not writing a nostalgia piece on handheld Nintendo consoles, the Gameboys are a DJing duo who’ve been on the scene professionally for, oh neigh on a few months now. So scoring a festival slot is a pretty sweet deal. We threw them some Qs.

You guys decided to start DJing after being disappointed with the tunes you’d heard on your travels in the UK, what was missing-
We just found the music really repetitive and droney over there compared to what we liked listening to in Australia. We had a look around at different types of music and found energetic tracks with epic breakdowns seemed to strike a chord with both of us and we didn’t hear those types of tracks overseas. When we got home we started to learn to mix and from there we’ve developed a love of a lot of music, which we guess is reflected in what we play.

So anything French electro, crunchy and synthy is your sound – what tunes are really working for you at the moment-
To be honest we are playing a lot of stuff produced in Australia, there is so much great music being produced here at the moment. A remix of INXS by the Heat seems to be getting great responses. Anything by Bag Raiders, Whitenoise and the Hey Now DJs are making some really good stuff too.

We hear you’ve got a mix out right now, Mix At My Place, which crams 50 songs into 30 minutes, where can we cop that-
Yeah, it’s just a mix we put together so people can understand what we’re about. There is a link on our MySpace where you can download a copy.

Have you been writing any of your own music-
We’re just concentrating on DJing at the moment but production is definitely something we are looking into. It’s the next step for us really.

So you’ve scored a slot at Sobar, what do you have planned for your sets there-
Sobar has a great dancefloor and gets a good energy – we keep our sets there very party, just fun upbeat type of tracks to keep everyone moving. It’s got a good vibe in there.

And what’s next after that-
This is our first summer DJing regularly so we’re just making the most of every set we play and having a great time in the process. Next for us is our first festival at Playground Weekender in early March and then like we mentioned before production is something we’d love to get involved in.

WHO: Gameboys
WHAT: Play Sobar / Playground Weekender, Del Rio Resort
WHEN: Saturday 1 March / Friday 7 – Saturday 8