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The Horrorpops - Oh The Horror!

Author: Brett Ashley
Tuesday, 19 February 2008
The Horrorpops are one of the most revered groups in the psychobilly scene. The Danish act have been around since the early '90s but are only now releasing their third album. 3D's Brett Ashley spoke with their frontvixen.

Los Angeles is a city where aspiring actors, singers, waitresses and celebrity chefs end up making porn in the back yards of mansions for cocktail money. It is a city where dogs are treated like rich starlets, and rich starlets pay a lot of money to be treated like dogs. So when a handful of Danish psychobilly kids hit town on the back of a couple of new wave rockabilly singles hot in Europe, the good money was on a meltdown. That is, unless the good money saw these guys live.

Picture a six foot tall leggy psychobilly's wet dream laced in tattoos, long black hair and a tight dress playing a white custom-made upright bass decorated by tattoo artist Baby Lou Tattoo fronting the band. This is Patricia Day. She is flanked by twin go-go dancers Mille and Kamilla, recruited from the same body-piercing shop Patricia once worked in. Kim Nekroman plays guitar while Henrik Niedermeier does drum duty, and together they create the kind of spectacle that even the weird rollerblading bodybuilding human-growth-hormone-smoking aging fags on Venice Beach will stop to notice.

“The HorrorPops show is never planned,” Patricia says, heartily laughing into the phone with gusto and gravel in her voice, “it is never repeated, it's chaotic. So far people have said that it's quite the experience, which I take as a compliment. I hope we keep surprising people when we go on stage. We're a five piece when we are live, we have two cheerleaders or go-go dancers, whatever the hell you choose to call them, they are two girls on stage who go nuts and are pretty fucking unpredictable. I don't know what the fuck they are doing half the time.”

The latest album effort from this unlikely trio, Kiss Kiss Kill Kill, features a return to the band's new wave roots. Patricia attributes this to the band only being able to agree on that genre.

“Hell Yeah!, the first album, was mostly written in '96 and '97 and it came out in 2003. But then from Hell Yeah! to Bring It On!, our second album, there was such a short amount of time and we as a band had experienced so much. We moved to the States and at that time we were very into the LA rock scene and I guess we wanted to go in that direction with the second album. But on the third album, we were back as a three piece and it naturally took us in the new wave direction because it is the only common ground that we all three share. Besides new wave, none of us can actually agree on a style of music we like. So I guess that's how it came about and how it came through on Kiss Kiss Kill Kill.”

WHO: The HorrorPops
WHAT: Kiss Kiss Kill Kill through Epitaph/Shock
WHEN: Out now