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The Jezabels - Ring The Jezabel

Author: 3D
Wednesday, 27 February 2008
Newtown indie quartet The Jezabels are Sydney’s next best thing, according to certain blogs. 3D caught up with Sam.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves and how you came together as The Jezabels…
Haley and Heather have been playing together as The Jezabels for quite a while now. They both moved from Byron to Sydney a few years back. Sydney Uni was the meeting point for the rest of us: me and Haley met outside Fisher Library after realising that we both adored Gillian Welch, and then me and Nik met in a Uni cafe after realising that we both adored The Weakerthans. After a few beers in Newtown at the Courthouse together it all began...

Your sound leans towards a kind of epic indie folk, do you have any immediate touchstone influences-
We all come from different musical backgrounds, so our influences aren’t really universal. But most of us find Arcade Fire and bands with similar intentions very inspirational. I could spout a list of artists from the musical canon but it would probably be easier to say that we all had tickets to see Interpol... All in all though we really appreciate bands that evoke some sort of insight into this absurd world, and especially if they offer some comforting condolences!

You’ve been gigging heaps around Sydney lately, any plans to get in the tour bus and head interstate-
If the opportunity presented itself we’d love to, though it hasn’t yet... We recently received a support slot in Byron, which is almost Queensland! I guess when a band is ready to go on the road they go on the road; perhaps we’re not ready- Maybe we are. I don’t know. We’re happy enough tramping around Sydney!

I like the lyrics in Disco Biscuit Love, is that kind of gritty realism a mainstay in your writing-
The same themes seem to be popping up in different songs so that’s true, I suppose. I can’t really write on behalf of Haley because she pens all of the lyrics, and to be honest I don’t really want to go there because it is a bit of a dark place... Personally I think that it’s quite important to not let out exultant ‘yipees’ about life in general at the moment. It’s not a rampant cynicism I’m getting at here. But I get a bit fucking sick over this war in Iraq for instance, if only used as a token example.

You’re playing Beach Ball soon, who do you plan to check out when you’re not onstage-

The line up for Beach Ball is pretty dang impressive, so I could probably say we’ll be watching everyone. But more acutely, Bluejuice are amazing live, as are Damn Arms. Then there’s Van She. Also, I really like Catcall. Their song August is really special.

WHO: The Jezabels
WHAT: Play Beach Ball at Manning Bar, Sydney Uni / Playground Weekender, Del Rio Resort
WHEN: Thursday 6 March / Friday 7 – Sunday 9 March