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The Lair Does Good Vibes

Author: 3D
Tuesday, 12 February 2008
Mtv’s The Lair are all over Good Vibrations this year. First up they’re throwing one hell of a bash involving many of the headline acts, then they’re following it up with exclusive live coverage from the festival itself. 3D caught up with host Darren McMullen to find out what’s in store.

MTV is having their own Lair Good Vibrations special live before the Sydney show – who have you got booked in for performances and interviews-
It’s going to be insane – hip hop legends Cypress Hill will headline. The show will also feature electro maestro Calvin Harris, Canadian wordsmith k-os and influential rapper Pharaohe Monch.

Ruby Rose, winner of the 2007 National VJ search, will debut that night as well – what do you reckon it takes to make it as a great MTV VJ-
Ruby’s landed herself quite a sweet first assignment. Then again I got to host my own party every week and drink with the hottest talent live on national television… No in all seriousness this is an awesome gig for Ruby – she loves music, she loves to get right in the middle of things and she isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind. Plus she’s got me around so she’ll be learning from the best!

The Lair is also going to have its own tent right next to the main stage at Good Vibes in Sydney, broadcasting live; that sounds like it has the potential for either great interviews or total chaos… What’s planned-
Both! The MTV VIP tent is going to be our very own party wrapped in a festival – ‘the eye of the hurricane’, if you will. We’ll pull artists into our storm, spin them round then ask them a bunch of questions – at the very least it should make for some damn good TV.

Will members of the public be able to come along to the tent to watch the interviews being recorded-
Unfortunately no, but they’ll get an even better view in the comfort of their own home, on TV, online (on MTV Overdrive) and on their mobiles. They’ll be getting all the action without having to queue for beers and portaloos.

Have you put dibs on interviewing any of the artists-
I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had my eye on Cypress Hill – who wouldn’t like to spend sometime interviewing those guys on the crazy ups and downs of their career- They would have seen and done things that us mere mortals can only dream about. Getting to have them headline my show is a dream come true – the scaffolding will definitely be bouncing that night.

Anything you particularly want to ask/do to them-
I’m sure they could show me pretty ‘insane’ time in the ‘green room’.

The Tongue is also hosting the MTV Overdrive broadcast on the day for online and mobile; how does that differ from the TV broadcast (apart from being shorter segments)-
The beauty of MTV Overdrive is that it’s content is exclusive, they’ll have different interviews and different access to what’s going on behind the scenes. The Tongue will be getting out there amongst the crowd and hitting up some of the smaller performances and acts there on the day. Between me, Maz, Ruby and The Tongue we’ll be all over it.

Finally, do you have special live broadcasts planned for other festivals later this year-
Hell yeah! MTV never likes to miss a party. Keep an eye out for the crew at V Festival and Soundwave, so stay tuned for more from MTV.

WHAT: The Lair Good Vibrations Special Live on MTV / MTV’s Sydney Good Vibrations live coverage
WHEN: 7pm Tuesday 12 February / 5pm Saturday 16 February