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The Mess Hall - Totally Amped

Author: 3D
Thursday, 20 March 2008
The Australian Music Prize was introduced in 2005 to acknowledge outstanding musical releases each calendar year, awarded not by their popularity – as is the way for many other awards – but by their artist merit. This ethos echoes the likes of the Mercury prize in Britain.

The Mess Hall were nominated for the AMP for their debut LP, Notes From A Ceiling in 2005. Two years later, they’ve won it with Devil’s Elbow. Guitarist and vocalist Jed Kurzel took some time from celebrations to give us a few words.

What were your first thoughts upon hearing your names read out-
I don’t know… I was in complete shock!

How are you going to celebrate the win-
With a tour around Australia.

What does winning this award mean to you-
$25,000 and [that] there is a prize that rewards a band, not an industry.

In your opinion, what did Devil’s Elbow have that made it the winning album-
That it was an album, not a collection of songs.

Do you have any plans for spending the money- Are you going to take the record overseas, or perhaps put it towards your next record-
Both of these options sound good.

On to business, you’re currently on tour. How’s it going so far- What are you up to next-
We will play with Wilco, then we go on our own tour, followed by a tour with the Foo Fighters.

WHO: The Mess Hall
WHAT: Devil’s Elbow through Ivy League / Play the Gaelic Club
WHEN: Out now / Friday 2 May