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The Phonies - Phony For Real

Author: Justin Levy
Thursday, 20 March 2008
No, we’re not talking about the Finland powerpoppers of the same name, we’re talking the new snazzy oz hip hoppers the phonies, previewing their soon-to-be-released ep this march. 3D’s Justin Levy shares some banter with their wobble step weapon, Rabbo Junior Senior.

Hello there! Firstly, which Phony are we chatting with-
Rabbi AKA Rabbo Junior Senior. Best recognise.

Your name The Phonies. Now this is ironic, because you guys tell it
like it is, right-

Werd! As far as our lyrics and beats go we like to keep it as real as possible, you know, giving the kids what they want. In reality we are just a bunch of douchebags posing as teamsters. In a funny way I think we get closer to the truth that way. Slice.

You're hip hop sound is very cruisy, a 'modern sound for young adults' as you describe it. Do you think there's much cruisy hip hop on the scene- What do you make of Aussie hip hop at the moment-
Yeah, we got some cruisy tracks, some hectic taskforce beats and some
sensible modern songs. There is a lot of good quality hip hop out
there - Elefant Tracks, TZU, Rumpunch, Thundamentals and Reverse
Polarities. On the whole it tends to lack variety, humour and costumes.
Definitely lacking in costumes. Enter The Phonies.

Your sound is allegedly like a splendour of leisure activities. And you guys seem to like tennis outfits. Are you tennis aficionados, or are leisurely sports the new face of hip hop-
Hip-hop- Huh- I'm only in this shit for the wardrobe.

On a business-related matter, you'll be playing Cut The Rug at the
Loft soon. Looking forward to this one-

The Loft is wicked, Cut The Rug is wicked - props to them for supporting local teamsters! We will be showcasing tracks from our highly anticipated much-talked-about forthcoming debut EP, so expect some rude manoeuvres and plenty of fresh tricks.

Will this be one of your first gigs-
Hardly. This will however be our first gig sporting new threads from
our Autumn 2008 Collection. We are widely know as "The Best Dressed
Band In Town", so be sure to dress for the occasion.

Word is your EP, Keepin' It Fake, will be out shortly. When and what can we expect-
Yes indeed, Keepin' It Fake will be on da shelvz once wez get some
cash to put its out. Cash of the cold hard variety, big wads, yep any
time now...

What to expect- The best of fresh local rhyme-rock, song-book and boogie-step rhythms. As well as a good dose of good old musical wordplay!

WHO: The Phonies
WHAT: Play Cut The Rug at the Loft
WHEN: Sunday 30 March