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The Vandals - Notes On A Vandal

Author: Sarah Wiles
Friday, 18 January 2008
Our very own Summer Festival Guide compilation is on store shelves with The Vandals taking control of one of the discs. If you haven’t got yourself a copy yet, get one! Interview by Sarah Wiles.

Being no stranger to Sydney turntables, how did you find mixing your first properly released compilation CD-
We were really excited about this opportunity. We love doing mixes and try to do one every couple of months to give to our friends etc. Mixing the Summer Festival Guide was easy as we could choose tracks/remixes from some of our favourite artists such as Switch, Edu K and Crookers, as well as some great local guys like Act Yo Age and Gameboy/Gamegirl.

Your mix on the Summer Festival Guide is geared towards the day, how have you selected your tracks to create a daytime soundtrack-
Well we go to every festival so we know what it’s like, ie as soon as you get there, you want to go straight to the front,  dance around and get really sweaty and hot. Then you want to get a drink and chill out under a tree and maybe smoke a little spliff etc. so that is pretty much the approach we took compiling it. Obviously it starts off quite punchy and in your face then slows down into some party stuff with Prince and MIA before breaking into the interlude, which we weren’t sure whether to include but are really happy we’s kind of that break you have before getting up and dancing for the rest of the night. It’s pretty funny! And then it builds and builds and builds from there, which I guess most people kinda do at festivals.

What are your personal highlights from the mix-
Well, we are pretty happy to have Prince on there. I mean, he is a true legend and we dream about having the funk that he has. Getting a bit of Crookers and Oizo in at the end... We do love all the songs though. Oh, Making Me Money (Switch Mix) was a last minute thing we got which we are stoked to have on there.

As OneLove residents, what stand out moments have you had-
Perhaps one of the funniest (looking back) was when Vu was dragged out of the club literally mid-set by a bouncer who after a tough night maybe forgot that headphones meant you could actually be in the DJ booth. He ended up with broken headphones, a black eye and six stitches so maybe not a highlight but a standout moment in its own way. Some of the fashion that goes on there is always interesting to say the least. Surkin was definitely a highlight, though the fact that he looks about 12 made us think we needed to pull our fingers out!

WHO: The Vandals
WHAT: Summer Festival Guide 07/08 through Central Station/MRA
WHEN: Out now