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Thievery Corporation - The Richest Men In Sydney

Author: 3D
Wednesday, 23 January 2008
Thievery Corporation are one of the world’s leading electronic lounge acts and February sees them bring their 20-piece band to Australia. 3D caught up with one half of the duo, Rob Garza, for a little more info.

So you’re currently busy in the studio – are you working on a new album- Can you share a little information on it-
We are in the studio right now recording our fifth full-length album. I think it’s our most exciting work to date. We feature some performers like Anoushka Shankar, Seu Jorge and Femi Kuti. This record has a little bit more of an up-tempo vibe, it is still socially conscious, but I feel because it’s been a while since we’ve done a record there’s a renewed enthusiasm.

How much new material can we expect to hear during your Good Vibrations shows-
I don't think we will be performing much of the new material, as we haven’t really rehearsed the new stuff although we may throw in a surprise here and there. The Thievery show is very dynamic and I think in a very positive way it may not be what the Australian audience may expect from us. People usually come away surprised, I don’t know if they were expecting a hotel lounge type vibe from us, which is the opposite of what we are about live.

With the Versions record, a collection of reworkings of the likes of the Doors, Nouvelle Vague and Bebel Gilberto, had you been collecting the tracks for a while with the record’s idea in mind, or did it come together quite quickly-
With Versions, we had a number of remixes throughout the course of years that were lying around. We thought it would be great to compile them all together with the ones we working on at the moment. We are constantly busy so doing the remix record was a way of expanding our sound and working with people who it might be impossible, for instance...Jim Morrison. It was an honour to add something creatively to someone’s work who we have an immense amount of respect for.

When you released your second record Mirror Conspiracy did you have an idea that it contained that special something, considering it went on to break your name around the world-
When Mirror Conspiracy came out, I think both Eric and myself were very surprised to even have a career doing music. I mean that was really sort of a happy accident. The buzz had sort of been leading up to that record, so in a sense I guess we could feel the excitement. People all over the globe started to become aware of Thievery.

You have lyrics in many, many diverse languages (French, Perisan, Hindi etc.) – do you sample the vocals live or do you have various vocalists that tour with you- Can you yourselves speak all these languages-
We record all these vocals live, with singers from different countries. It’s a wonderful aspect to be in a band and not tied to one singer, or one set of instrumentalists. Oui, yes, si, نعم, はい, I speak all of these languages – people don’t know, but my main occupation is foreign language training for Berlitz.

You played Lollapalooza this year. How do you find playing festivals as opposed to club gigs-
At first I think we thought festivals were very impersonal. But now, we really dig them, when they’re put together well. It’s a way of reaching out to new audiences and connecting and seeing other artists. Last year we played a number of festivals and had a great time. We’re really looking forward to summer in Australia.

WHO: Thievery Corporation
WHAT: Play The Basement (DJ set) / Good Vibrations, Centennial Park (full band)
WHEN: Friday 15 February / Saturday 16 February