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Three - Three Times A DJ

Author: 3D
Wednesday, 23 January 2008

New York’s Three is a musical chameleon, dabbling in more styles of music than you probably know exist. Now he heads to Australia, hitting Sydney this week. We hit him up with a chat.

 You were here last year for the Rainbow Serpent Festival. What inspired the prompt return to Australia-
Closing the festival last year was wicked...really special. Then the festival wrap party in Melbourne and the Musica gig in Sydney were wicked, too. So, it seemed obvious to try and build on those this year. Thankfully, people were interested! Beyond that, I love it here so I’m taking time to be a proper tourist this time around. It’s winter in NYC!

This time round you’ll be playing at clubs. Do you have a preference between outdoor festivals and club shows-
No. Things like Rainbow Serpent or the more techno-centric Labrynthe Festival in Japan are really so unique it’s tough to hold them in the same category as clubs. That said my heart lies in the discotheque. I have to play both!

What sort of a vibe can we expect from your shows- Will they be more house-orientated or perhaps straight techno sets-

Depends on the crowd, or at least how I read it. Since the minimal wave left an indelible impression on techno, house and whatever else, I can honestly say this is the best time in music. There is so much amazing stuff from next level dubstep by Burial, solid house by Dixon or these unexpected releases from Dubfire or Sasha. Even drum n bass has caught my ear again. The Commix album on Metalheadz is wicked and it has a bonus tech remix from Underground Resistance to boot. My point is the walls are down and it’s purely a matter of taste – not fraternities or sections in the record store. That said everything I play connects to a techno and house mindset.

You were resident at NYC club Twilo. That must’ve been a riot! Do you have fond memories of those nights-

Totally. Playing there was amazing. It was a three-way residency between myself, Steve Lawler and John Graham, which might sound odd now but it worked with me on the tech-house and techno side of things and them progressive house.   We’d switch up the time slots each month and the room just had a life of its own, as I’m sure you’ve heard. After having danced there in the early ’90s when it was the Sound Factory it was just amazing to DJ in that space.  What productions are you working on at the moment- Any remixes- In February I’m finishing up a 12 Inch called Three – Theme From Madchester, but I’m not sure where it’ll go yet. A remix of Sasha – Coma (Three’s Star Spangled Dub) comes out on EmFire vinyl and digital in a few weeks. I stripped back the ‘epic’ bits from the original and left a strong, melodic techno feel ala a Garnier or Kompakt record.

WHO: Three
WHAT: Plays Club Club at Chinese Laundry
WHEN: Saturday 2 February