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Tiesto - Superstar DJ, Here We Go

Author: Natasha Vuckovic
Sunday, 20 April 2008

We here at 3D World say this a lot, but DJ Tiësto really doesn’t needan introduction. A trance powerhouse, he regularly plays to crowds thesize of stadiums and during the Athens Olympics, even pulled in a crowdof millions. His latest artist album Elements Of Life has seen him on anon-stop tour of the planet and he finally returns to Australia nextmonth.
You’ve been quite busy lately. Tell us about your Elements of Life tour and DVD.
Well the DVD is recorded in Copenhagen and it shows me as a DJ, touring around the world, almost like a rock band. If you went to London, New York, LA, Brazil, it’s the same show. It’s a four-hour show. Musically, and I think the way it has been shot, it’s been the best DVD that I have released so far. It is the third one.

You’re on the road a lot. How much time out of the year would you say you are sleeping in a hotel-

In a year I think it would be at least 250 nights.

Do you ever steal the towels-

Haha. No. They charge it right to the room if you do that.

You’re about to go to Australia. Do you know any Aussie slang-
Mmmm, I used to. [Pauses]. The standard one is “no worries mate”. Everyone knows that one right-

Yeah. Any others-
No, not yet.

Should I teach you some-
Yeah, I need it.

OK, so we’ve got mozzies. Do you know what that is-
I can guess. Mozzies. Is that Muslims-

No. It’s mosquitoes.

And if you want some McDonald’s, you gotta get some Mickey D’s.

Mickey D’s… that sounds cool. Let’s go to Mickey D’s!

You were nominated for a Grammy for your Elements of Life album. Did you go to the ceremony-
No I didn’t go. The nomination was a big surprise and I was already booked for a tour in Brazil and I had to finish a remix for Jordin Sparks so I was just totally cut off. When I look back at it, I am happy I didn’t go ’cause I didn’t win. Chemical Brothers won it.

Do you feel robbed-
No, I don’t feel robbed.

A little bit-
No, for them I think it was their time to win it. At least I have something to look forward to in the next couple of years ’cause I still want to win it. Maybe next year, or the year after.

You also played at the Athens Olympics Opening Ceremony. How did that come about-

I played at a club in Athens the year before in September. After the set, some guy walked up to me and said, “I’m Blah Blah Blah-ilopolos. Would you like to play at the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony-” I looked at him and was like, “Sure, arrange it” and I gave him my card. I didn’t believe it. I thought it was crappy bullshit talk and then a couple of calls to the management and it was really true.

Let’s say that producing and DJing was a sport at the Olympics and you were up there against David Guetta, Steve Angello, Paul van Dyk and Eric Morillo, who would take home the gold-

It’s a tough one! I hope I would. I definitely see the amount of tracks produced by Steve Angello would come close. Paul van Dyk, he doesn’t produce that much. One album every two years.

He can get the bronze maybe-

He can get the bronze! I would say if it comes to the amount of tracks and remixes, it would be between me and Steve Angello. David Guetta [would be] close.

So Paul van Dyk doesn’t even get bronze-
Icht don’t think so! [Said in a German accent, waving a finger in the style of Sacha Baron Cohen’s gay character Bruno]

When you are playing at the big festivals and there are all these big names around, is there a lot of ego or does everyone get along quite well and have a laugh-
I notice when it comes to DJs who play a similar style of music, there is a lot of ego going around but if I play with somebody who plays totally different to [what] I do, it’s all just a laugh.

Who’s got the biggest ego-
Well I saw a billboard in Ibiza once from Pacha. It was an advertisement for Sander Kleinenberg and it said: “This board is too small for Sander Kleinenberg’s ego”. I thought it was really funny!

You play to crowds of 25,000 people. How do you feel before you play-

You get a little nervous but not like [starts shaking]. I used to get like that back in the day. You feel like you are choking.

Did you ever vomit because you were so nervous-
Yeah. Really sick and nervous, then after the gig, crying sometimes because I knew that some things went wrong and I felt so terrible about it I would start crying.

You were in South Africa recently for the Dance4Life project [raising awareness of HIV and Aids].
I am the ambassador for Dance4Life and I was there for some projects we support. It was really interesting for me to see. It’s very confronting. You live this luxury life, hotel rooms and stuff, and then you go there and it made me feel really small again. I got to hang out with those kids at their school and it was great for me to be a part of that.

Tell us a secret about yourself.
Mmmm… [Pauses]. Let me think about it.

OK, we’ll come back to that one. There’s a thing on Facebook that says “If this reaches 100,000 we will get Tiësto at the pyramids”. Is that true-

You have already got 16,330 members signed up.
Really- Wow.

So you might have to go and play at the pyramids.
I wouldn’t mind playing at the pyramids. It’s a beautiful location. I know a couple of years ago Roger Sanchez played there with Sander Kleinenberg.

Do you have a pair of Tiësto Reebok shoes-

Yeah, I have several pairs.

Do you wear them-
Yeah. I wear them ’cause they are very comfortable but I don’t like to wear my own brand. It looks a little bit…

Do you give them to people for Christmas-
Yeah, I give them away. I don’t wear T-shirts with my name on them either.

You still owe me a secret.
A secret, a secret, a secret… [Pauses]. If I tell you something, it’s not going to be a secret anymore.

I won’t make you tell me but what are you going to call McDonald’s in Australia-
Mickey D’s.

WHO: Tiësto
WHAT: Plays the Hordern Pavilion
WHEN: Saturday 3 May, Sunday 4

Five Tiësto Facts

1: He started out in 1985 playing and producing hardcore, before switching to trance in the mid-90s.

2: He was voted number one in the DJ Mag Top 100 poll in ‘02, ‘03 and ‘04 and has been in the top three since.

3: Locally, he was number one in the ’06, ’05 and ’04 inthemix Top 50 polls, and number two last year.

4: He has his own line of Reebok RBK shoes.

5: He has his own Microsoft Vista application – a Tiësto toolbar and plug-in for real time alerts on Tiësto news.