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Tom Neville - Don't Go Out At Night...

Author: Patrick Lewis
Thursday, 10 January 2008
…just fuck. Sounds pretty good with us, but you might want to head out this week to catch Tom Neville in action. 3D’s Patrick Lewis caught up with the Brit DJ/producer.

Tom Neville is as much at home creating his own dance tracks as he is remixing someone else’s. His rework of Kelis’ Milkshake went to number one on the UK dance charts, Mylo was desperate to include his remix of Destroy Rock & Roll on his album and his remix of Studio B’s I See Girls was a smash in clubs worldwide. Neville is on a mission to create even more music and in a drastic attempt to do so has moved from the London area of Hackney to Twickenham.

“Too many parties,” Neville admits, relocating to concentrate on his music. “I was going out every night of the week, but that’s changed now and I sit in the studio everyday making music.”

Making music is not something new. As a child Neville was introduced to the piano, violin and clarinet, his parents, of Irish descent, fond of the drink and playing folk songs in the family living room.

“It’s a good thing I can make music because I’m totally rubbish at anything else,” he laughs. Despite remixing the likes of Moloko and New Order, Neville is determined to produce more of his own tracks adding to his singles Buzz Junkie and Never Lose Your Grip. It was Just Fuck, with his very own vocals, that attracted the most attention.

“I wanted something quirky that clubbers could relate to and enjoy,” he says. “Dance music can’t be morbid or negative – it should always be happy.” This is true, but he could have chosen something else if he wanted to be positive – it didn’t have to be sex.

He laughs nervously at the suggestion, like a kid who just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“I guess there is something about me that wanted to do something sex inspired,” he says. “But it’s not meant to be taken too seriously. I wanted the track to bring a smile to people’s face so they remember the quote.”

Neville’s conversation is as raw and unrestrained as his music, which he describes as “sexy and trashy” and “exactly what clubbers want”. He should know. After 14 years DJing to packed crowds including his biggest gig to 10,000 at a summer party in Europe, he still has a soft spot for The End, London, his favourite nightclub, but his most memorable gig was playing under a castle in Belgrade at the annual beer festival.

His live skills have grown after supporting the electro band Hot Chip on a global tour – he is a huge self-confessed fan of their music. “I absolutely love their sound,” he says. “Playing with them was a real honour.” Aside from listening to Hot Chip he’s also a fan of our own Presets.

“They’re great and so is playing in Australia,” he announces, anticipating his fourth time to our shores. “I really can’t wait to play Australia again. The weather is great and the parties are wicked.”

WHO: Tom Neville
WHAT: Plays Cargo Bar
WHEN: Friday 18 January