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Tom Novy - Talent's His Tool

Author: Carlisle Rogers
Friday, 11 April 2008
Prolific house producer and DJ Tom Novy is a busy man, with a new mix CD, single and an imminent Australian tour. Far from being jaded, he tells 3D World’s Carlisle Rogers, he can still give himself goosebumps.

With a new single on wax, the Toolroom Knights Vol 3 compilation hitting the streets and his upcoming Australian tour, things are going splendidly for German house DJ Tom Novy. “I did one side of the Toolroom compilation and the other side was done by Wally Lopez. The main tour in Australia is called The Toolroom Compilation Tour. I am also coming to Australia with a new single called Runaway. I’ve done a few remixes that I plan to play out there as well, so I’m coming with a full package of new releases and a new compilation. “Runaway is a vocal track featuring Abigail Bailey. She sung Chris Lake’s song Changes and she’s a great talent with a great voice. It’s kind of a poppy song with major remixes, from big room to minimal. We have some Jerry Ropero, a new guy from The Swedish House Mafia, and a lot of surprises.

“I’m always doing parts of instrumentals and I’ll save them for a while. Later I’ll go over the instrumentals and try to work on the vocals and melodies,” Novy explains. “It’s two parts where I’ll spend weeks just sitting in the studio producing beats over beats, and lines over lines. Then I’ll have a few days where I try to write top lines or try to get through the entire production. There are also times where I try to do everything all together. It’s a great feeling when you do something you enjoy. Runaway is a song that still gives me goosebumps even after I produced it. Sometimes after working on a track for a while, you are over it, but Runaway I still like to listen to.”

Tom says Toolroom contacted him about doing the new compilation, and it was an easy decision when Wally agreed to do the second disc. “I’ve known the Toolroom guys for a long time, but actually they contacted me and asked if I was open to doing a remix compilation for the UK and world market. I thought it was a good idea, but we had a hard time finding a good partner. They came up with Wally Lopez and I’ve known Wally for a long time and I’m often doing gigs in Spain with him. I think the compilation is a really good one. If you listen to it, mine is a little bit deeper and starts off a little bit easier, and then Wally takes it over and finishes it with a real smash.

“I’m really into playing different kind of styles, like starting with beat and then going into electro with some hands up and big room stuff. In Germany we have this really huge underground minimal scene, so there’s a lot of good music coming from that. I like playing long sets, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like playing the normal sets. I’m doing both. I have one mix of the new single which is really perfect as an opener, but it depends because some of the clubs are smaller and not big room. I have to figure out where’s the best place to play that track first.”

Tom says the new single should be released officially in May, but it’s still early days. “I’m still in the promo situation, so we’re still talking to the labels. We have our partners worldwide, so it might take a while. I’m trying to do as much promo with the new single in Australia as I can and I’m sure it’s going to be picked up by some big label.”

Meanwhile, his new VJing show is getting underway, but Novy says he won’t be launching that until he gets to Space in Ibiza this year. “I just got that new mixer and it’s a little bit too difficult to bring it over to Australia.  I’m trying to find out if there’s a way to bring a few DVDs with me, but it might be too early for that. I think VJing is cool because you still get a reaction from people. Of course, there are certain clubs that just use LEDs or just a couple of screens behind the bars, so it doesn’t make any sense to use it. But for festivals and big rooms where you have the big screens, it’s an amazing effect.”

WHO: Tom Novy
WHAT: Famous at Home / Lawn Party at Randwick Racecourse
WHEN: Saturday 19 April / Saturday 26 April