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Tony Venuto - Vidi Vici Venuto

Author: 3D
Thursday, 10 April 2008
3D catches up with Tony Venuto ahead of his residency at together, the new weekly night at the Arthouse.

Which nights around town do you most enjoy playing- Do you find you get to play the records you really want to at most venues-
I usually get away with playing what I want. I like playing Wham at World Bar and am looking forward to the launch of Together at Arthouse on 19 April – this will be a weekly party that plays nothing but banging big room house music and I will have a weekly residency there, so you know where to find me every Saturday.

You’ve been dabbling in production as well, what sounds are you leaning towards- Driving, jacking house-
Yeah pretty much… I would say my production is driving, jackin’ tribal house. (Big room shit).

Your first track Stab The Butter is up on MySpace – is the title intended to be vaguely sexual, or were you making toast while you wrote it-
Hahaha. I can see how it could be considered dirty, but really the name came from one morning my roommate was kind of stabbing the butter instead of spreading it so we started rapping about stab the butter while eating breakfast and then I started the tune when we were done and the first thing that came to my head was… Hahaha.

So you’re headed off to Ibiza this year – do you have some gigs lined up or will it be purely a pleasure trip-
Yeah, looking forward to it. I will be running two parties while I am there at a club called Savannah. On the 30 July James Taylor and I will be holding Wham in Ibiza and on the 6 August George Kristopher and I will be holding House Your Soul. [I’m] also in the process of hooking up a few other gigs while I’m there.

Which records in your collection would you give your life to protect-

Break You – Ralph Falcon (Armand Pena Mix)
Three Minutes to Explain – Fedde Le Grand/Funkerman
Just Trippin’ – Fedde Le Grand
Stab the Butter – Tony Venuto

Finally, what’s top of your to do list- Writing more music, building your DJing profile around town or something else-
I want to pump out a few more tunes before Ibiza. I’m looking forward to releasing Stab the Butter on the Bamboo label and have another tune that will be coming out around the same time, which is a monster of a track and has been getting some great feedback. So basically I am enjoying the way things are going.

WHO: Tony Venuto
WHAT: Plays Together at The Arthouse
WHEN: Saturdays, from 19 April