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Trash N Cajuan

Author: Rezo
Monday, 18 February 2008
Electroheads rejoice – Cajuan is back and he’s gonna get trashed. 3d’s Rezo got on the dial.

Cajuan has kicked plenty of goals in Australia. His previous tour helped catapult him to star status and he returns again to bring us his favoured blend of old school acid house. Like everything German right now, things are hot and getting hotter. His tracks Raven and Dance Not Dance pricked ears up all over the place and have firmly made him one of the artists to look out for in 2007.

This infatuation with acid house started a long time ago.

“I had a really big collection of records from my father – mainly soul and funk, jazz and disco,” he says. “When I was young I also stepped into hip hop music and early break dance-type stuff. Later I really got into Chicago records and enjoyed that different style of music. I worked in a record store and from there started as a promoter and became an A&R and subsequently a DJ and producer.”

Always the fan of producing stuff with a melody and feeling or pure spirit, he still enjoys listening to all manner of music. Indeed, he finds it his inspiration.

“When I work in the studio I love to work around the computer, but also some older stuff like a Moog or Korg,” he says. “I find you can get the right blend of sounds with that type of equipment. So whether it’s external or not I try to do different things.”

Of course, his apprenticeship at the record label wasn’t enough for him. And since working around the industry and later founding a management company, he has been exposed to virtually all facets of the music business.

“I also look after Digitalism which takes up a lot of my time. I have worked with Ewan Pearson and Lost Valentinos too. Ewan and I always knew there was a difference between Australia and Germany and that’s why we both wanted to return to Australia – that’s the connection! If I hear an artist I like, I feel like I want to bring him to the industry, you know-” he says.

“And my sound isn’t so specific; I’m just saying I do this because I enjoy it. If you listen to Justice for example, you hear a certain direction which goes a certain way. I think in the future too, you’ll get that variety where acid or disco records take a lot of electronic elements with them. I did two tracks in the studio recently – one will be a classic acid house ’80s track and the other will be a mixture of electronic rave and disco. Once I’m finished, I’ll get down to the beat structure and the speed and add like live drums and funky elements.”

WHO: Cajuan
WHAT: Plays La La Land at Yu
WHEN: Saturday 23 February