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Van She - Two More Years

Author: 3D
Thursday, 31 January 2008
In late 2005 Van She dropped their debut self-titled ep, played a host of shows, became the coolest thing in Australia since the invention of the esky and then fucked off overseas to play Parisian fashion shows and other high profile parties. We’re jealous. But now they’re back, with the promise of an album, so 3D caught up with nicky van she.

You guys have hung out with Operator Please, yeah- Are they cool- Did they get you guys to go for a booze run-
Yes they are lovely kids … No they just took from our rider.

You guys seem to have some pretty crazy clips and photo shoots. Had any weird experiences-

We wrote our entire album on a farm down south and had some pretty crazy experiences pouring fire out of a teapot sitting in cane chairs over a pool made out of vines and marble. Something about the combination of Cachaca, sugar and other stuff. Oh and being questioned about raelianism and outer space religions was pretty weird.

Is it true that Matt got beat up one time after…pinching a guy’s butt- What’s the story there-
What- Ha I love fantastical drunk stories and what has that got to do with anything-

You’re heading to Japan again – what do you love most about that place-
Oh man everything … Harijuku, Shibuya, Loveless, saki, liquid skies, apple pies, ice cream and beer in vending machines, tonkatsu sauce, Tokyo hands, club Le Baron, interstellar advertising, people!

London, Paris, New York… What has your favourite touring destination been so far- And what’s next tour-wise for you guys-

Probably Berlin for all of us definitely, and Paris.

So your DJ project Van She Tech is completely different to your band sound – more buzzsaw synths and basslines than New Romantic, why is that-

Just different projects … we have both passions – techno and shoegaze, epic rock we love them both like a father loves his two sons.

Finally, when can we expect your long-awaited debut-
AAAAAAAAAPPPPPRRRIIIIILLLLLL! Can’t wait for you guys to hear it and either slam it or love it … xx

WHO: Van She