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Vanghoulish Ideas

Author: 3D
Thursday, 10 April 2008
Israeli industrial trance DJ/producer Vanghoul has recently relocated to Sydney, and as such, has the honour of making it into our local section. 3D thought we’d let him introduce himself.

You’ve got a few different musical projects on the go at the one time, tell us a bit about your different incarnations...
At the moment I have a couple of projects happening, one being Vanghoul. Vanghoul is not only my DJ name but it is my solo project, including my own music plus many more sounds and variations from other artists. Total Confusion is a project I’m managing with my partner back in Israel, Amir Talmor, together we put on a crazy performance with live synthesisers, computers and electronic guitars.

Your bio mentions the genre ‘phystrance’ – is that a misspelling of the term psytrance, or have you coined your own term phystrance with Hi NRG-
No, unfortunately it’s not a new style it was a misspelling. Psytrance is slightly incorporated into music but mostly ‘hard’ trance because that’s what I love to play.

You’re based in Sydney now and playing a few parties around town, where can we catch you in the next month-
Well, at the moment I’ve had some opportunity to play in Sydney city itself, as I’ve only been here four weeks it’s been great and hopefully I’ll be around for a lot longer. One party that I will be definitely at is Weird Psyence at Pheonix on Friday 9 May alongside well-known Sydney DJs such as Fizziy who I’ve played alongside in past events. Also another cool event you will catch me is Burn, and Energy, and be sure to catch me at Up Records Events. Any upcoming events will be advertised so you will know where I’m playing.

Finally, what do you have on the boil for the rest of 2008-
At the moment we are working on a new album – it’s called Fuck Art Let’s Dance, which will be joined with a huge Israeli label, which I cannot tell you – it’s top secret until the date of release. I’m very excited about it. There is a party that is coming up in early June in Sydney, let’s just say you will hear about it.

WHO: Vanghoul
WHAT: Plays Burn at Mandarin Club
WHEN: Saturday 19 April