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Where's Jerome - Anchor's Away

Author: 3D
Thursday, 10 April 2008
Alexandra Sabastian from Where’s Jerome gets all Pinky and the Brain on us with quick-witted responses and talks of world domination. If only half our answers were this entertaining…

So the band started out as a solo project of Jeremy’s. How/For what reason did it evolve into the three-piece it is today-
Jeremy, as much of a musical genius as he is, is limited by the two legs and two arms of our simian ancestry. Therefore playing his rather complex music live requires some assistance. As humans have evolved from monkeys, Where’s Jerome has evolved from solo kitchen mixing to a bombastic live experience. Eventually we like to think that the evolution will extend to us returning to our primate form so we can add swinging from the light fixtures to our already oratorical performance style.

You’ve got two very seminal acts as influences, The Cure and Regurgitator. How on Earth do you bring these two together-
We didn’t. We don’t. What are you talking about- No seriously, both The Cure and Regurgitator are remarkably unique acts so we figure if we sound like them then they won’t be so anomalous anymore. It’s a Master Plan (indicated by the use of capitals there) [that] eventually everyone will sound like us! It’s an evil, dastardly, very, very secret plot for musical homogeny. We’ll have to kill you now.

Your EP is here. Are the five tracks featured all new tracks, or are they a collection of songs you’ve been saving over the years-
Yes! The EP is here! It can be bought digitally from iTunes or the limited edition CD can be purchased directly from us. But how will you know us- Well that’s easy! We’ve magnetised ourselves so that anyone with a hankering for fine music will be immediately drawn into our spectrum (which is incidentally the name of the venue where we will be launching this little beauty). To answer your question (after that lengthy self-promotional treatise) the five tracks are completely new and freshly written. They are like untouched young maidens, each one more beautiful and more unwithered by time’s cynical hatchet than the one before it. Oh geez, just listen to the damn songs before I write a fucking sonnet!

You’ve just returned from you Dreamboat tour. How did you guys go down out of Sydney-

The tour was like a dream. In a boat. You might say it was a Dreamboat tour. Oh you did already...

What’s the major goal of 2008 for the band-
World domination is in the near future, but more immediate goals involve recording a new album. The balls have already been rolling and a large portion of the upcoming release has been recorded at World Penis Studio. (See what I did there- ‘Balls’- ‘Penis’- Ahahaha...sigh, oh shut up!). Aside from that more gigs, more songs and more plots to conquer the world are in the horizon.

WHO: Where’s Jerome
WHAT: Launch Dreamboat at Spectrum
WHEN: Saturday 19 April