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WhoMadeWho - Who Are They-

Author: Carlisle Rogers
Wednesday, 27 February 2008
After cleaning up the stage at Parklife two years ago, WhoMadeWho are returning to Australia with a plethora of new tunes in hand. Drummer Tomas Barfod spoke with 3D’s Carlisle Rogers.

Denmark’s WhoMadeWho are a strange marriage of musicians, making a melee of house, rock, funk, disco, indie and psychedelia, kind of like David Byrne might do if he wasn’t old now, all from the comfort of their drums, bass and guitar, live on stage, in the weirdest costumes since David Bowie.

Their imminent visit to Australia, then, is going to be received with the same pomp and circumstance reserved for the Queen, except they are interesting and talented.

With over a dozen gigs lined up across the antipodes, Barfod says the live show has evolved a lot over the past few years.

“We used to have a lot of costumes and we’ve got some strange new ones,” he says. “Besides that, it’s the same thing, high energy disco combined with some pop hooks and some stupid gimmicks. We are releasing our new album later in 2008, so we are playing some new songs.”

Barfod says the new material is similar to their eponymous debut, but with more rock and pop influences this time around.

“However, the concept is the same because we are a band doing disco beats and electronic club-oriented beats. This time we spent more time on mixing and on writing more sophisticated lyrics and melodies,” he says. “We did a lot of work with the vocals compared to the older stuff, but we are still playing around with strange instruments and funny ideas about how to arrange the tracks. To make its short, it’s going to be basically the same but a bit better and a bit more radio friendly.

“It’s changed a bit from the first album because the first album was all of us doing different kinds of stuff. This time Jeppe was sitting in the studio cutting up some parts of the song and then he’d send it to me and I’d edit it further and then I’d send it to Tomas and he’d record the synthesizer and send it back to me and I’d do a new synthesizer, etc. So it was a very creative and impulsive way of interactively writing.”

Barfod attributes the band’s production prowess to a combination of working in the studio cutting and mixing and old fashioned songwriting with lyrics and chords.

“It’s not just songwriting with a guitar and the guys sitting and writing something, it’s more like we build the tracks up together and then produce it,” he says. “But we have different goals with songwriting. The guitar player is just all over and adds the psychedelic aspects. He likes to use effects on his guitar and stuff like that. The bass player and singer is from the more classic rock school, and he likes Bowie and stuff like that, but still he’s excited about the new music. And then me I’m from the club scene, so it’s a combination of all of us and we bring our different backgrounds to the music.”

WHO: WhoMadeWho
WHAT: Play 3D World’s 900th Issue Party at Home / Future Music Festival, Royal Randwick Racecourse
WHEN: Thursday 6 March / Saturday 8