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Alabama 3's Global Warming Smokescreen

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Monday, 26 November 2007
Larry Love from Brixton techno-country collective Alabama 3 told Skrufff he believes Britain's surveillance society is being driven by the State trying to control citizens more and more, this week, and revealed he's consequently unimpressed by global warming scares.

"I am deeply sceptical - it's something else to scare us witless and about getting us to recycle our Sainsbury's bags like mad things while they still take us to war without our consent," Larry suggested, "As long as the coming giant tsunami doesn't hit Chicago or Alabama I'll be happy. Pass me my green wellies please," he laughed.

The politically conscious counter culture artist also chatted candidly about the band's anti-drug anthem 'Cocaine Killed My Community' and linked gentrification to London's thriving drugs scene.

"Drugs usage is inevitable if living conditions are crap," he suggested, "That's not to excuse it but capitalism has ripped the arse out of working class mentors."

"As Alabama 3 we are trying to support communities who are helping drug use survivors, gun crime survivors and the wise old men and women of the community are involved in the mentoring of the youth. In the embourgeoisification of Brixton we've seen the loss of the street father and the ghetto granny who provided so much guidance to these troubled men and women. Every Jamaican and Irish pub the yuppies turn into private property is another corner out of control," he said.

Despite his concerns he insisted Alabama 3 remain 'rooted in Brixton' with no plans to move out to a nice semi in Brighton, down the A23.

"Brighton's by the sea. That would ruin my hair styling," Larry pointed out, "I could never live in Brighton - it's too gentle. The pace of life would kill me."

Jonty Skrufff