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Boy George Really Hurt Him

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Wednesday, 14 November 2007
Serial cock-up and former Ministry Of Sound mix guru Boy George is once again on the wrong side of the law, following claims by a 28 year old man that the wayward star imprisoned him after a bit of rumpy pumpy in his Shoreditch flat.

The cross dressing ex-junkie was first arrested for the crime back in April, but was yesterday charged and ordered to appear at the Thames Magistrates court on 22nd November.

It's not the first time the Culture Club singer has fallen foul of the law. In August 2006, he was forced to perform community service for possession of class A drugs, which were discovered when he accidentally called the police on himself while toasted.

He has also faced the music over his well publicized heroin addiction, the overdose death of friend Michael Rudetski in 1986 and a string of tasteless singles in the early '80s.

"Anyone who thinks this is his worst crime should have another listen to Karma Chameleon" said a source.