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CSS' Grim Up North Stage-Diving Warning

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Monday, 26 November 2007
This week the Sunday Times tipped Lovefoxx from Brazilian five piece CSS as one of the biggest next big things of next year and revealed that she wears spangly sequinned catsuits when performing because stage diving in skimpy clothes can by 'dicey'.

"It's better not to stage-dive in Leeds or Manchester," Lovefoxx reportedly cautioned, "Because they try to rip your clothes and we need our wardrobe for a whole year."

The newspaper also celebrated her romance with Klaxons guitarist Simon Taylor-Davis as 'the happiest couple of Myspace' ironically just months after Klaxons frontman Jamie Reynolds used the social networking site to announce that he'd broken his leg after stage-diving at a French festival.

"As per usual I jumped from the stage on the final song . . . only this time I'd drastically misjudged the approx 12 foot distance between the stage and the grass and landed with a larger than expected velocity on my right foot," he said.

"The result has left me in hospital until they let me out in an hour's time with a broken tibia (the bone between the knee and the foot) and a 3 inch plate to hold the break in place."

Drop The Lime/ Curses star Luca Venezia chatted to Skrufff this week about his own experiences leaping off stage and said he also used to get hurt 'a lot'.

"Sometimes I got hit on the head by bottles or I'd lose my wallet or I'd slip on the floor and crack my head. There are some photos circulating around of me doing it, particularly some taken at a party I played in Bristol a couple of years ago in which I'm crowd surfing and covered in blood," he laughed,

"I've grown out of it now, " the 26 year old New Yorker continued. "I think it's natural for a lot of electronic musicians to have this punk attitude when they first get into it. But I grew out of that whole 'I'm punk; I'm electronic; f**K you. And took it all more seriously."

British producer legend Howie B also broke his leg when partying in the crowd at Serbia's Exit Festival three years ago, though rather than crowd-surfing injured himself from over-exuberant dancing at the front of the 20,000 capacity dance arena.

"I was a little bit drunk and apparently, like an absolute idiot, I was trying to jump up and grab hold of the TV camera which was panning across the crowd on a boom. And thank God I didn't catch it or I would have probably hurt the guy on the other end of it," Howie told Skrufff at the time.

"So I missed the boom, landed awkwardly and broke my leg. I was in pain, I went and sat down, walked back to my hotel, then woke up the next morning, tried to get to the toilet, fell over immediately and realised 'there's something drastically wrong here'. My leg wouldn't support me."

Howie subsequently flew back to England in a wheel chair and was forced to cancel a Japanese tour to allow his leg to recover.

Curses' new EP Hungry For Love is out now on French label Institubes.


Jonty Skrufff