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DJ Mag Top 100 Heading For The Record Books!

Author: Get In PR
Thursday, 30 August 2007
While most people play fair and we have no problem with DJs canvassing for your votes, we've been staggered by the lengths some will go to in a desperate bid to gain a coveted spot in the Top 100 poll. But be warned - we always catch cheats. Already this year we've disqualified a few poll wannabes whom we may well 'name and shame' once voting is over.

Others have simply engaged in comical canvassing, which has had us in stitches. And we'll be highlighting the funniest campaigns in DJmag soon.

With just under a month to go before voting closes on Tuesday 25th September, we're on the edge of our seats to see what the Top 100 DJs throws up over the coming weeks. There's never a dull moment!

If you haven't yet voted, log onto now and vote for your Top 5 DJs - those jocks who have truly rocked your world over the past 12 months, be it at a club, festival or your front room! Vote wisely as the shape of the Top 100 DJs Poll 2007 lies in your hands.

The Top 100 DJs Winners Party, on Wednesday 24th October, is shaping up to be our biggest event yet. More details to follow soon. All you need to do right now is book the following day off work!