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'Fat Kid' Killer Wanted For Caracas Tragedy

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Monday, 12 November 2007
Venezuela cops were reported to be hunting three gunmen including one known as 'the fat kid' following last weekend's rave massacre where four people were killed and seven injured at the Red Noise festival in Caracas.

Local VJ Rei who filmed the incident and later uploaded footage on Youtube, described what he saw on VJ

"10 minutes into the gig someone started to shoot everyone; it sounded like firecrackers, it was so fast I didn't think was a gun. Everybody started to run like crazy," he said.

"I was in the main room, doing my visuals and filming the show. I just grabbed the camera and started to film everything what was going on. I saw three dead bodies on the floor, a young guy, a woman and a man. The husband of the woman was shot as well in the leg. Several others people as well but they managed to run," he said.

Chatting to Skrufff contributor Camilo Rocha, Rei said he'd never experienced anything similar though pointed out 'a day before two students were killed protesting as well. Venezuela is in chaos and I mean it," he added.

He also criticised security for being a 'bunch of inexperienced kids' who failed to search people coming into the 7,000 capacity event and said the mood had already turned ugly before the shooting happened.

"When I felt the tension building I started to play with the visuals flooding the room with a lot of light and I told the lighting guy to use white lights as well. I was telling him WHITE LIGHTS, WHITE LIGHTS! To over expose everybody," he said.

Meanwhile in England, Liverpool cops cancelled a rave featuring Dream Team, The Full Destiny Crew, Magic and Mikey B this week, telling reporters that they feared similar violence from British gangs following the garage DJs.

"We were worried about the threat of disorder and the use of firearms," Supt Ian Pilling, of Merseyside police told the Liverpool Echo.

"When these artists have played in the past, supporters have forced their way into venues and door staff have been injured. Some of these bands have a disreputable following and our action is based on previous occurrences," he added.