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Four Dead, Five Wounded at Carl Cox Gig

Author: News
Monday, 5 November 2007
Four people have been shot dead and five wounded at a Carl Cox gig in Caracas, as graphic aftermath footage surfaced on the web yesterday.

Vanesa Nieves, 24, Jose Rodriguez, 42, and Jonathan Gomez, 20, have been identified as the victims of the shooting, while a fourth has yet to be officially confirmed.

Reports speculate that the gun-fight broke out over alleged ecstasy trafficking.

A user of a dance-music community's forum has revealed details of the tragedy and alleges Carl Cox had barely begun his set when sounds similar to 'firecrackers' went off at the party.

The user described the scene in front of him as 'crazy', with people running for their lives.

Known as 'vjrei', the user had the camera running while the event was taking place, saying, "I was in the main [room], doing my visuals and filming the show."

After hearing the commotion, the VJ 'grabbed the camera and started to film everything [that] was going on'.

Onlookers saw the gunman 'keep shooting...then realised [sic] what he did and ran'.

Footage of the incident has since been removed from video-sharing website, YouTube.

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