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Ibiza Council To Ban Morning Clubbing

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Monday, 26 November 2007
Balearic newspaper 'El Dario' announced last week that council officials in Sant Josep of sa Talaia have approved measures to force clubs to close between 6am and midday next season, effectively outlawing 24 hour clubbing throughout the island.

Sant Antoni de Portmany (home to night-time clubs Eden, Privilege and Amnesia) passed similar legislation last year though Sant Joseph is more significant because daytime clubbing institutions Space, Bora Bora and DC10 are all based in the district.

Council chief Paquita Ribas said clubs violating the rules will be heavily fined and even closed for the entire season though claimed 'tourism is not going away to suffer' on the grounds that most clubbers 'consume little, do not visit the rest of the island and only attend the parties'.

Ms Ribas' comments came soon after the Diario de Ibiza newspaper quoted the President of Ibiza's council as saying clubs attract 'a lower quality of tourist' which didn't presumably include recent island resident James Blunt who this week stressed his distaste of high end conspicuous consumption.

"I hate the obsession with celebrity - what you are wearing, whether you are cool. I'd never go out and buy myself diamonds. I don't do flash cars or clothes. I'm not really into possessions, " the multi-millionaire pop star and keen clubber told reporters.

"In London, I'll get the Underground or the bus and I'd rather go to a pub more than some amazing restaurant," said James, "When I go to Ibiza, I'll go on a budget airline." (Bang Media)