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In The Mind Of...Jamie Cullum

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Friday, 24 August 2007
Following on from 'In The Mind Of...Nitin Sawhney', the next installment in this unique series is compiled by multi million selling, internationally renowned Jazz man, Jamie Cullum. This is Cullum's first compilation project and an exciting glimpse into the diverse musical mind of a modern day jazz genius.

'In The Mind Of...Jamie Cullum' includes two entirely exclusive new tracks from the man who single-handedly re-invented the jazz genre for the masses - a Jamie Cullum original composition plus a new classic jazz cover. Reflecting his career, Cullum's collection for this project also includes tracks from Nina Simone and Charles Mingus, to Laurent Garnier and Roni Size, to Elbow and Cinematic Orchestra. His 'In The Mind Of...' covers the diverse jazz spectrum from modern through dance to hip hop - this is "jazz - not jazz".

With over 2.5 million albums sold to date and over 100 festival, stadium and concert hall gigs a year for the last three, including a 75,000 head-line performance in the grounds of Blenheim Palace, Jamie Cullum is undoubtedly a jazz phenomenon. Regularly covering a huge selection of artists and genres in his live show, he jumped at the chance to express his influences in the second "In the mind of" album.

Jamie Cullum continues to redefine where the parameters of pop and jazz - indeed, all musical genres - are drawn, both on stage and while working on his new album. "People ask why I play jazz. It's because you can take it to so many different places. You can embrace dance music, rock, pop music, classical, funk, everything... And I touch on all those things in this record. This CD feels like a fantasy resume," says Cullum, "or a mix tape I would make for a great friend or a really hot girl."

Welcome to the mind of Jamie Cullum...