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Ministry Of Sound - Warehouse Party

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Monday, 8 October 2007
Okay, so we're not quite sure what you were doing 17 years ago, but it's fair to assume that the majority of us was still in some education establishment.

We'd just heard about this new thing called 'Acid House' - in Australia anyway - and it was driving people bonkers. All of a sudden, people were donning goggles, chewing on dummies and reaching for the stars - with, of course, the glowsticks.

Since those days, it's become somewhat non-traditional to turn up to a party in PLUR outfits, with people opting for the fluoro, or the wife-beater singlets with tags, or the...hang on, nothing's bloody changed!

Which is why it probably makes sense for the juggernaut that is Ministry of Sound to put a couple of Sydney venues to good use and throw a rave.

While the word 'rave' has become superfluous to a music industry that saw it as a way of life for so long, the MoS honchos thought it'd be cool to bring it out and keep it in our minds with an annual party that will, no doubt, reinforce the need for rave fashion police.

We also doubt there'll be a room for 160 BPM ACID TECHNO! WOOT WOOT HARDCORE...yeah and so forth.

While the line-up comprises a list of artists that were still figuring out what their third fella was between their legs, some of the names attached to the gig were there at the start, including Armand Van Helden and the like.

Okay...time to shutup. Here's the line-up:

Armand Van Helden (X-Mix Productions / NYC)
Fedde Le Grand (Holland)
Bookashade (Live) (Get Physical, K7 / Berlin)
Trentemoller Live In Concert (Poker Flat)
DJ Medhi (Ed Banger)
Riot in Belgium
John Course
Hook n Sling
Aston Shuffle
Tommy Trash
Klaus Hill

Tickets through Ticketek and
Limited First Release tickets available at $82 + applicable fees until sold out
Final Release tickets available at $92 + applicable fees