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Nano Presents Jeff Milligan

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Thursday, 6 September 2007
Nano is proud to present a very special performance from Canadian 4-DECK wizard, JEFF MILLIGAN (ALGORITHM / CANADA), in what is set to be our best show yet. Jeff is joined by our surprise return guest INXEC (UK), who joined us earlier this year and had so much fun he wants to do it again… plus DJ SAFARI and the NANO RESIDENTS - DAVE PHAM, NICHOLAS JOUIN, ANDREW JOBE and MIKE CALLANDER.

More on Jeff Milligan… In 1986, at the age of 14, Jeff had his first exposure to electronic music via some of Chicago, Detroit and Toronto's earliest alternative radio programs. A year later in 1987, he decided to dedicate his life to DJing and music production.

Jeff's work for PLUS 8 and Serotonin Records (NYC) were among the first released material under Jeff's "algorithm" moniker. Since then, he has developed a long and impressive discography with numerous releases on labels such as: Blank (Japan), Foundsound (USA), Tictactoe (Denmark) 240 Volts (UK), Background (Germany), Onitor (Germany), Mutek (Canada), Traum (Germany), Force Inc. (Germany), Switch (Canada/USA).

As a DJ, Jeff's highly technical, 4 turntable(!!) style puts him in high demand across the northern hemisphere, where he is regarded as one the most technically talented DJ's in the world. Jeff's music has a dual continental European and American influence, the more experimental, more minimal sound of the two continents, locked together across 4 decks in a unique style of his own.

$20 on the door is your ticket to a great time!! From 10pm til the cows play house music and the fat lady drops a bassline. Ms Libertine, 34 Franklin St, City