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Purple Sneakers New Years Eve House Party

Author: Angus Thompson
Friday, 19 October 2007
Sure, you could have a house party this New Years. Or you could let the poor sods at Manning Bar tidy up all the broken glass and lost shoes on 1 January and get yourself along to Sneakers’ New Years Eve House Party. Besides, I bet you’re not mates with Dappled Cities, Young & Restless, The Tongue, The Holidays, Wons Phreely or S.Y.L.K (plus two other super secret bands), and even if you were they wouldn’t all come and play at your house. And you don’t even have six separate areas, including a TV room screening films and a poolside sangria bar. Forget about it – just go to Moshtix after Wednesday 31 October and get yourself a ticket to the PSNYEHP. And if you can’t wait that long for a Sneaker’s fix then drop by the Abercrombie this Friday, where Cuthbert and Soft Tigers will be launching their albums with exclusive DJ sets, alongside PhDJ, Vivienne Kingswood, The Real Seabas and Matt K-Von.