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Sasha Blasts 'Progressive' Minimal

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Friday, 9 November 2007
Progressive trance/tech-house star Sasha launched a typically outspoken attack against 'stripped back' minimal this week, claiming that many minimal producers previously specialised in 'screaming trance'.

"A lot of minimal music is self-indulgent music for people to wank off to," the veteran superstar spinner declared, "I've been to parties where the DJs are meant to be playing minimal but all I hear is an update on progressive house", he told DJ Magazine.

In the same article, Sasha also confessed to liking 'fluffy keys and melodies' both of which feature heavily on his new single 'Coma', an epic-trance style track that sounds remarkably like an update on
progressive house.

The new music comes out on his own new label Emfire some two years after his last album, Airdrawndagger, when he chatted to Skrufff about
overcoming his well known problems with procrastination.

"There's a fine line between perfectionism and being slow and a pain in the ass, and deadlines are something I never previously worked well to though now I think I'm responding to them really well," said Sasha.

"I've realised this recently that the worst thing I can have is any kind of open-ended deadline. I need to be constantly setting myself mini-deadlines within deadlines to get things finished," he added.

The nowadays US-based star, meanwhile, cancelled all promotion this week, as he rushed to hospital where his wife was due to give birth to his first baby.

Sasha: 'Coma' is out on Emfire now