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Sasha Launches emFire Music

Author: News
Wednesday, 26 September 2007
It's fair to say that when it comes to the anticipation of a record label, not many could be more hotly watched than the bloke like, Mr Sasha.

The dance music stalwart has decided it's time to join the masses, creating a new record label with a unique, abstract angle.

Titled emFire, the label represents an exclusive outlet for his own material and features some of Sasha's best mates, including Charlie May, Duncan Forbes and Barry Jamieson, all under the COMA guise.

Here's the cool thing: the label will provided a continuous graphic foundation. With every release, a colour-coded, graded spectrum will be joined by a numeric sequence. The artwork will be handled by Insect (renowned for their work with Banksy).

For openers, Sasha will be releasing three limited and one-sided 12"s, as well as across digital stores. With new releases expected on a monthly basis (the first, Coma, being released in November), head to Sasha's website and keep in touch with this information.

Set to be rather large, we assume.