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The Beatport Downloader

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Wednesday, 5 September 2007
The coolest music store on the planet now has its own music organiser.

Beatport today launched a beta version of a desktop application that aims to "revolutionise the way you download and organize music.

"The Beatport Downloader allows you to download and manage your recent purchased music library with one click."

With the Beatport Downloader you can download all your music files in one go and can customize the way downloaded files are named and stored.

In the past users could only download one track at a time through a browser.

You can also add meaningful tags to WAV file downloads, which currently don't support ID3 tagging.

All this means you can sort and specify your tracks by genre, release date, label, artist or release name.

The beta version of Beatport Downloader is based on Adobe's new AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime), formerly Apollo.

While it'd be even cooler if it was a music player as well, it's fair to say that Beatport is miles ahead of the competition when it comes to providing users with a site that makes music

In fact, the only drawback is that there's no 'listen to all' function.

Sort it out, kids.