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Big Bands Announce Video Contests

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Tuesday, 18 March 2008
Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead have launched separate video contests for avid filmmakers across the globe.

Hot off the heels of their major online releases, Ghosts I-V and In Rainbows respectively, the groups are on the hunt for some of the best talent from the filmmaking world.

Fans of Radiohead have the chance to submit a story or video clip to leading animaton website, Aniboom, with 10 semi-finalists each receiving $1,000 to produce a one-minute clip, with the eventual winner awarded $10,000 to produce a full-length clip for the award-winning album, released late last year as a DRM-free download for listeners.

Nine Inch Nails devotees also have the chance to have their creative licence displayed to thousands, thanks to a YouTube partnership that will see the eventual finalists screened at an online film festival. The NIN website expresses that the festival is not a contest, but rather "an experiment in collaboration and a chance for us to interact beyond the typical one-way artist-to-fan relationship".

Submissions to both close mid-April.