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Britney Spears World Tour

Author: Aaron Roach
Thursday, 14 February 2008
Britney Spears has earmarked a return to the big stage via a series of international shows. The question is: has the hype surrounding her erred ways been a publicity stunt just to get her primed in the limelight to both adoring and discerning crowds-

With new album Blackout about as innovative as George Lucas digitally remastering a YouTube feature, plans for the star to strut her stuff on the stage again probably come at a time when the self-exploding Spears should probably just focus on her rehabilitation.

Eh- Since when does Central Station care about shit like this-

Well, it's easy for us to point out the fact that Britney Spears should probably just chill out for a bit, considering we do have a scene that is rife with people that don't know when to take a break from the constant partying around the world.

You only have to look at the DJ playboys of the scene. For the majority of them, it's about spinning tunes, then getting snow-blind for the rest of their trip. If any scene needs a constant rehab, it's ours.

Just look at Tony De Vit. While he did have a degenerative disease that finally caught up with him, if he'd just stayed at home some nights a week, he'd probably still be here. It was a huge loss for our scene. We haven't had that many (to be honest, we're still too young a scene to reel from any major losses along the way).

So, back to Britney.

Surely a series of concerts would be the last thing she would want to be on board doing- Surely her wellbeing is more important than what you find on the front cover of almost just every celeb magazine out there-

She not only needs people around her that prevent her from doing these things, but also needs to tell herself that 'enough is enough'.

Flip the coin, however, and you realise that, without the constant media attention she receives, she probably would be dead, much like Heath Ledger - someone who was smart enough to dodge the headlines, but stupid enough to 'combine' several different medications to 'relax'.

I digress...'ll be interesting to see how this pans out, as it means we'll at least be able to perhaps get Britney pregnant to Corey Worthington - that'd be a fuckin' pearler.