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Central Station Fire Sale

Author: Bloom
Friday, 11 April 2008
After 18 years of service Central Station Records Brisbane will be closing its doors for the last time on April 26.

The store has been something of a Mecca for passionate dance music aficionados, providing a much needed 4 on the floor soundtrack for Queensland's state capital.

Here's store manager Murray Brown on the end of an era---..

'On behalf of the entire Central Station family we would like to thank all of those that have supported us over the last 18 years.

For the time that I have been involved with the store I would personally like to thank all of those people who have supported the store. I have made life-long friends through and have shared a passion for music with people that I would not have otherwise. For that I am extremely thankful.

I will still be involved with Central Station label and in 2009 will be continuing a tradition I very much believe in; The Central Battle DJ Competition'

The good news is that with the closure of the store comes a bucket load of bargains.Full price vinyl is going out at $13 to people that mention the scene or Central Station, plus there's a new 30 crate shipment of 2nd hand vinyl covering late 90's, hard house and every house hit from 2001 to 2006.

All CD stock has been reduced to $4.95 per album and there are specials on anti static cloths, cleaning fluid and needles, plus heaps of in-store specials such as;

5 Pack Anti Static Cloths $5
Amercian Audio QD6 3ch Mixer $280.00
Amercian Audio QD5 2ch Mixer $280.00
Ableton Live 7 Full Version $649
Audio Technica ATH500 Headphones $199
Behringer 6" Truth Powered Monitors $499
Behringer 15" Powered Monitor Speakers Pair $899
Behringer DJX 700 4ch Mixer $399
Behringer BCD 3000 USB Controler $330
Behringer U-Control USB Soundcard $50
Contact Lens - Various Crazy Lens (Pair) $40
Contact Lens - Natural (Pair) $20
Denon DNX 1500s 4ch Mixer $1249
Grey BPM Counter $189
Hardcase 19"Coffin Case $349
Hardcase 12" Coffin Case $249
Hosa Adapters / Cords / Plugs 30% Off
M-Audio Torq Digital $449
Minsitry Of Sound T-Shirts Ladies $35
Minsitry Of Sound T-Shirts Mens $35
Native Instruments Traktor Scratch $749
Numark DXM06 2ch Mixer $349
Numark DXM09 3ch Mixer $499
Numark IDJ2 Ipod Mixer $849
Oddsey 80vinly Trolley Bag $199
Ortofon Gold Twin Kit $390
Ortofon Gold Single Kit $210
Ortofon 80vinyl Trolley Bag $159
Ortofon Digitrack Twin Set $290
Ortofon Nightclub MkII Twin Kit + Case $449
Ortofon OM Q-Bert Single $79
Ortofon Pro Twin Kit $240
Ortofon Pro Single Kit $120
Ortofon Pro S Twin Kit $190
Pioneer CDJ1000Mk3 CD Player $1550
Pioneer CDJ 200 CD Player $649
Pioneer RC3 Roadcase (suit CDJ200 & DJM400) $199
Pioneer EFX / CDJ200 UDG Travel Bag $90
Pioneer CDJ1000 UDG Travel Bag $110
Pioneer DJM600 Ch2 Fader $40
Pioneer DJM600 Ch4 Fader $40
Pioneer DJM600 Master Fader $40
Pioneer Slipmat $25
Sennheiser HD25SP Headphones $190
Sennheiser HD25 Velour Ear Pads $30
Sennheiser HD25 Vinyl Ear Pads $30
Sennheiser EH250 Headphones $100
Sennheiser EH350 Headphones $140
Shure M25C Stylus/Cartridge $39
Shure M35S Stylus/Cartridge $69
Shure M35X Stylus/Cartridge $59
Shure M447 Stylus/Cartridge $75
Shure M44G Stylus/Cartridge $70
Shure N25C Stylus $20
Shure N35S Stylus $25
Shure N35X Stylus $30
Shure N447 Stylus $30
Shure Plastic Cartridge Case $50
Shure Whitelabel Stylus $29
Slipmats - All instore $25
Stanton 500AL Stylus/Cartridge $50
Stanton 500AL Twin Kit $95
Stanton 520 Dj Craze Twin Kit $100
Stanton Groove Master V3 Stylus $54
Stanton Headshell $20
Stanton ST150 Turntable $699
Stanton ST60 Turntable $260
Technics UDJ Box Bag Trolley $119
Technics UDJ Box Bag Sling $69
Technics RPDJ1200 Headphones $220
Technics RPDH1200 Headphones $346
Technics Headshell $30
Technics Bottle Opener $30
Vestax VMC004FX $649

Central Station Records Brisbane
195 Elizabeth Street