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Corey Worthington - Social Network Legend

Author: Aaron Roach
Wednesday, 16 January 2008
It's surprising that one small house-party in the outer Melbourne suburbs has caused so many issues.

Thanks to Corey, teenagers the world over will, no doubt, be throwing much larger street parties than he could ever imagine. With a special mention to the wondrous world web, Corey's ability to let people know he was having a shindig ensured there would be a crowd. There's nothing worse than rocking up to a party that has three kids sitting around a bong and Rage on the telly in the background.
most celebrities like Paris Hilton, etc, take years to get to where Corey is already at
Jesus, all the kid wanted to do was have a decent night in the 'burbs and, if anything, the residents Narre Warren should be thanking Corey for providing them with a bit of limelight in an otherwise dull neighbourhood.

I'm sure it won't be too long before people in high places assume it's a product of the digital generation and that any form of social-networking site such as Myspace should be immediately banned and added to safeguard lists on parents' computers (which kids will circumvent anyway).

Speaking of, Corey should be hired by social-networking sites as a liaison on how the online/offline platforms could be effectively used to promote an event. He nailed it with one post on his blog...imagine what he can do for your party-

Any teenager that can make a Channel Nine anchorwoman look out of sorts is a winner - which should prove, once and for all, that intellect leaves a lot to be desired within the Current Affairs programs currently on the idiot box.

When you think about it, most celebrities like Paris Hilton, etc, take years to get to where Corey is already at.

With the money he's about to make from appearances around the country, the $20,000 tag the cops want to do his family in for is a small price to pay for what is, essentially, a kick in the arse to the mainstream.

So what if he's a teenager- He's's like everyone else forgot that they, too, were once teenagers of a forgotten society.

Fuck 'em, Corey - do your thing.