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Future Music On MP3 - #1

Author: MP3 News
Thursday, 6 March 2008
1. Stereoluck - Beat Milk Jugs
All the way from Liverpool, UK, this beat-heavy downtempo number is doing big things on the MP3 chart. Featuring a hybrid of breaks and traditional 4/4, the tune features some cool vocals accompanied by some lush chord changes and filtering pads.

2. The Haus_monsta - My Clitoris
As the name and lyrics suggest, it's all about a female's particular talking point fused with some Electro, a sound that's been made large thanks to chicks all around the world...kind of full circle, really.

3. Simian.Reaction - Last Train To Bangladesh
Lovely 4/4 number comprising lush pads, laidback beats, gentle arpeggiator moments. One for the playlists.

4. Andy Moor - Athena (Sonic Elevation Mix)
Some kids from Melbourne are doing the hard yards and getting recognised thanks to their disco-friendly remixes, with this re-rub of an Andy Moor record positioned well on the Prog House charts on

5. Watch The Men Fall - Analog
Wicked Trip Hop number from Switzerland that's positioned in the number-one spot on's leftfield charts. Great way to finish off the evening (if you've had one), so ensure you check it out.