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Future Music On Mp3 - #2

Author: Aaron Roach
Thursday, 20 March 2008
1. Dave - Abyss
Apparently, Adelaide has more than just a couple of football teams. Dave's track 'Abyss' is the epitome of unsigned music: tough, well engineered (minus a bit of drowned-out vocals) and, very catchy. A good accompaniment of rock guitars, breakdown fillers and solid percussion riffs make this one a playlist keeper.

2. Jimmy Cooper - Don't Wake The Dead
After our brief stopover in Adelaide, we head over to Penrith to check out Jimmy Cooper's 'Don't Wake The Dead', a chilled-out, melancholic acoustic piece that has lovely wailing pads and vocals that reinforce the soundscape. Somewhat short, but does enough in the two minutes to keep you interested.

3. Adzakado - Evolution
This bangin' number from Melbourne-based Adzakado is reflective of the big sounds of dance music in the current climate: big trance sounds, offset 4/4 basslines, chilled breaks in the breakdown and the mandatory 'hands in the air' moments that most dance punters love being a part of. Somewhat 'busy' later on in the track, but nothing too distracting.

4. Tony Clark - Be Still
Found thanks to MP3 user Bingo Mion's 'Instrumental' playlist, here's a track that is well worth keeping on your personal charts. A well-versed and structured design (reversed samples and the like included), accompanied by some lush acoustic work and ethereal vox, ensure you check this out as soon as possible.

5. Robots In Suburbia - We Go Atomic
Excellent record from Sydney that has all the makings of a classic - a herald to the '80s, while remembering Electro is still rocking the dance charts all around the world. It's better than the standard fodder, though, as it's genuinely a standout amongst a genre that only has eyes on reaching the sheep herds. Intelligent design.