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Lindsay Lohan Strips

Author: Bloom
Tuesday, 19 February 2008
Good old Lindsay Lohan is back on form this week, opting for a naked photo shoot to bolster her already sophisticated image.

As a homage to her idol Marilyn Monroe, Lohan wrapped her pink bits in a transparent shower curtain, with a blonde wig completing the misguided tribute in New York magazine.

The original shoot, which was first published in 1962, saw Monroe draped in a veil, pouting and looking very sexy indeed. It was the last time she would be captured on film before her untimely death 6 weeks later.

Lohan's version, while still a winner for dirty old men, doesn't quite live up to the original. But don't worry about that, Lilo's convinced it's all about empowerment.

"Here is a woman who is giving herself to the public. She's saying, 'Look, you've taken a lot from me, so why don't I give it to you myself.' She's taking control back"

If taking control means promoting yourself as a naked tart with a plastic bag on your head, Lohan's a shoe in.

If however, taking control is more to do with sobriety, avoiding incarceration and not being seen as a shameless drug dustbin, she's got a bit of work to do.