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Ministry Of Sound Plugs Ear Advice For Punters

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Tuesday, 18 March 2008
Ministry of Sound DJs Allister Whitehead, Jazzy M and Rob Roar have teamed up with Don't Lose the Music to tell clubbers to practise safe decks and protect their hearing while out on the town.

Due to a recent UK study finding 90 per cent of club-goers have ringing in their ears or head - more commonly known as tinnitus - deaf awareness site Don't Lose The Music has enlisted the help of three well-known DJs from the MoS stable to promote the campaign.

Allister Whitehead states that, from his own experiences, the sufferable disease may be more common than most realise: "People do get tinnitus and take it from me, I know a lot of people who [sic] got it.

"It is the last thing you need in your life and you never get rid of it. Do you want to be able hear in five years time-"

Thanks to a vodcast, podcasts and blog rolls, the campaign is trying to reach clubbers around the world to prevent the long-standing pain. Some of the tips include:

* Use chill out areas to give your ears a rest.
* Avoid dancing or standing beside loud speakers.
* Wear earplugs designed for clubs if you go clubbing regularly.
* Stand away from the loud speakers.
* Take regular breaks from the music to give your ears a rest.
* If you want to watch the main act at the front of the stage, watch the support from further back.
* If you regularly go to gigs and/or festivals, wear specially designed earplugs.

For more information, head to the website.