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Norfolk New Rave War Escalates

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Friday, 22 February 2008
Norfork police vowed to devote vast resources to busting free parties in the area this week, after over 100 cops used dogs and a police helicopter to stop a 400 strong party in Feltwell near Thetford.

'We've got an ongoing operation that's been running for the last two weeks and that will continue for the foreseeable future,' Norfolk's deputy chief constable Ian Learmouth told the Eastern Daily Press.

'We shall deploy additional resources at weekends than usual, and there will be a specific budget set aside to support and deal with this type of events,' he swote.

His comments came as licensed event organization Spectrum were forced to relocate their upcoming Groove Armada rave from Norfolk to Great Yarmouth after local parish councillors refused to permit it, to the consternation of Spectrum chief Keith Louch.

'They were not prepared to listen to the evidence or believe the noise levels that had been agreed with the council,' Mr Louch told the Norwich Evening News.

'They could not understand why anyone should want to stay up all night and definitely did not want it to happen anywhere near them. So despite assurances from the Norfolk police, noise management plans agreed with the district council, and the fact that 4,000 young people wanted to have a good night at the Showground, it was a case of 'anywhere but here'.

And they wonder why we have illegal raves-' he added.