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Property Crash Hits Hacienda Homes

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Friday, 22 February 2008
The Guardian published a bleak report on the troubles afflicting Manchester's luxury housing market this week, singling out the block of flats built on the site of the Hacienda as one of the worst hit developments.

'In the City Point building just to the north of the city centre, a repossessed flat, that some unfortunate soul bought for £178,000 ($380,000AU) in 2004, was recently offered at a London auction with a guide price of just £80,000 ($170,760AU). Although it sold prior to auction, we were offered other two-bed flats in the block for less than £129,000($275,350AU) (,' said Guardian reporter Miles Brignall.

The newspaper's analysis differed markedly from that of property developers Imagine Homes, whose website this week continued to hype the hallowed ground's history.

'Founded in the early '80's The Hacienda was the birthplace of "Madchester" and the acid house music revolution. At its height, Newsweek magazine dubbed it the most famous club in the world,' said Imagine.

'Today having run its natural course as the focal point for Manchester's musical culture, the spirit of the Hacienda lives on as it becomes the epicentre of stylish, luxury living in a vibrant urban environment. Now you can make your home on the site of this Mecca of music's history.'

Party organisers Lost Weekend meanwhile announced a series of 4 events over the upcoming Easter weekend, concluding with 'a very messy Hacienda warehouse party . . . beneath Piccadilly Train Station' (a mile from the original site).

808 State (Live), Shaun Ryder (Live PA) A Guy Called Gerald (Live) and 'the mercurial' Peter Hook headline the March 23 gig.