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Remix Radiohead

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Thursday, 3 April 2008
In another case of one-up-manship, the boys from Radiohead have stepped forward from Nine Inch Nails and released part of 'Nude', from In Rainbows, for budding producers to remix.

Radiohead has decided to cash in a little bit more by asking people to fork out 10 bucks (Aussie) to show your skillz.

Comprised in the remix pack are five stems for you to dabble with, including drums, bass, vocals, strings/fx and guitar.

Okay, so there's a fee, but the best get chosen by the beta rockers and you can say "They think I'm cool, unlike Scott Tenorman!" (Do some research on that reference - pure gold.)

With 'Nude' being described as 'a moment of both bliss and calm, in a record that is largely energised', this is your chance to get heard by the best (softies) in the business.

Head to the website to find out more.