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Sasha - Mixed, Unmixed and Remixed

Author: News
Tuesday, 25 March 2008
Sasha's emFire imprint is releasing a collection to provide a definitive view of the man like's recent catalogue, featuring originals, remixes and his award-winning score to a film.

Arguably the biggest and respected artists on the planet, the launch of the emFire label was a focal discussion point for many throughout 2007. It had been a long time coming, and the feedback since the launch has been nothing short of bright for the US-based, UK export.

The first disc comprises 'The Remixes', with four of the world's best producers presenting their interpretations of the emFire catalogue. Commissioned to provide two versions - a club mix and an alternative skew - the results are described as 'very special, duplicitous ride through the minds of Slam, Audion Radio Slave and The Field, totalling an unmixed 70 minutes.

Disc two pushes out some exclusive edits of originals from the label, and includes the previously unreleased 'Spangled Rubdub' of 'Coma' and a 40-minute journey Sasha composed for surf film, New Emissions Of Light & Sound, the latter recently taking out top honours at the X Dance Awards, an event run in conjunction with the Sundance Film Festival.

A beautiful, haunting ride, the extended piece provides a fitting conclusion to this bumper emFire package.

Out soon!