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Swingers' Rave Attraction Reaches Melbourne

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Friday, 8 February 2008
Swingers will be out in full force this year in Melbourne at a dance party solely aimed know.

According to the Attraction website, the event is 'set to become one of the largest gatherings of swingers and exhibitionists in Australia'.

The invitation is also extended to 'open-minded adults from all walks of life interested in a little adult fun', with the website stressing the fact it doesn't have to be sexual-oriented and that it won't be full of 'annoying single men'.

Here's the rundown of the night:

"The fun starts from 9pm, with all patrons arriving in neat casual clothing. After checking in with reception you will be guided to the cloakroom where you are asked to change into your erotic outfit for the night.

"From there the night is yours to enjoy, meet, greet, talk, dance, flirt, whatever- you make to night what you want it to be.

"There will fun and games throughout the night for all that wish to join in, with prizes to be won.

"There will be a prize for the best-dressed girl and guy, as voted by the patrons on the night.
Attraction will finish at 3am sharp."

Get your swing on!