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Sydney Film Festival Announces Its 'In Competition' Films

Author: 3D
Monday, 5 May 2008
The 2008 Sydney Film Festival has officially kicked off its campaign with the announcement of its 12 films ‘in competition’, making it the first film festival in Australia to have an Official Competition accredited by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations. In layman’s terms, we’re now in the same league as Cannes and Berlin. So what’s vying for the top prize- Well, Sydney will feature three world premieres: Vincent Ward’s Rain of the Children, Nash Edgerton’s The Square and Matthew Newton’s Three Blind Mice as well as nine Oz premieres, including Secrets and Lies director Mike Leigh’s Happy-Go-Lucky, Steve McQueen’s Hunger, Martin McDonagh’s In Bruges (starring Colin Farrell and Ralph Fiennes), Fernando Eimbcke’s Lake Tahoe, Guy Maddin’s My Winnipeg, Antonello Grimaldi’s Quiet Chaos (starring Caro Diario’s Nanni Moretti), Carlos Reygada’s Silent Light, Kimberly Peirce’s Stop-Loss and Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Tokyo Sonata. For more info visit and keep an eye out for the Off The Reel column next week where we’ll go into more detail on the films.