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Top 10 Mix CDs In My Collection

Author: Aaron Roach
Thursday, 27 March 2008
It's not everyday you sit down and sift through your memories (or lack thereof) by remembering when you first heard a record in your collection.

Some of the more important moments in dance music history sit atop my collection, the kind of moments that are shared with mates after you've been in a club all night, or the kind where you're new to the world of dance music and you're just finding out what has shaped the way we listen to the 4/4 genre.

Below is a list I think represents my journey, so it's my Top 10, not yours and you can't say 'you left this off!'" height="116" width="116">
10. GU:5 - Tony De Vit - Tokyo
Say what you want about the sound. This was hard house at its best, when the legendary Tony De Vit was the toast of the dance world and with rightful acclaim. While the legend has been gone since the former century, this was his lasting impression on a community still missing his vibrant, energetic ways. It was also live, kids. Check this out and get some education on when Global Underground was respectable." height="116" width="116">
9. Balance - James Holden
One of the most intelligent innovators of music (not just dance), James Holden's Balance was one of the more important mixes to be released to the wider public, as it showed you didn't just need the big fuckers to get a reception that demanded attention. It also paved the way for the minimal movement to take prominence, a sound that's now been in charge for a very long time." height="116" width="116">
8. Sander Kleinenberg - Essential Mix
Quite possibly the last brilliant thing Kleinenberg did before he fucked it all up with his desire to release some of the shittest records known to man, including his Everybody compilations, his 'This Is Miami' turd and everything else in between. This mix was so spot on and it was a call to the new kids on the block. What did Kleinenberg do instead of driving along this path- He goes and makes a tool of himself with these cheesy-as-fuck mixes that just ooze stupidity. makes me angry thinking about what could have been.,%2520EFX%2520%26%2520909%255CRichie%2520Hawtin%2520-%2520Decks,%2520EFX%2520%26%2520909.jpg" height="116" width="116">
7. Richie Hawtin - Decks, EFX & 909
Minimal done well - it was Hawtin's call to the world that he was still around doing his thing. This time, he got to do loads more with a bit of trickery up his sleeve. Such a clean album and one that doesn't tire anywhere throughout the mix. Very solid, very enjoyable and it reinforced Hawtin's status as a Techno god." height="116" width="116">
6. Northern Exposure One
Simply put, it is a timeless mix that should never be allowed to gather dust on the shelf of any music enthusiast, dance or not. Turn it up, turn it up, it's the Sashweed system.