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Top 5 Celebrity Sex Tapes

Author: The CS Vault
Friday, 15 February 2008
1. Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee
Look, let's be honest. Sex tapes were rare back then and, if you got your hands on this in glorious VHS format, you were the toast of your friends. If you have a 56k modem, you were already watching the animated gifs.

2. Paris Hilton
Unfortunately, her claim to fame was indeed just that, elevating her to one of the world's most-watched celebrities. While she has now been subdued in the public eye following her jail stint, her tape remains, well...okay, it's rubbish and in night-vision, it's just plain rubbish.

3. Dustin Diamond
Screech was never going to become larger than Saved By The Bell. He was always going to be a bit part for the remainder of his career, which is why he thought it'd be a great idea to release a 40-minute film of the voyeuristic persuasion. If you've seen it, you have been dealt a hefty blow from the divine fuckers who roam your distribution channels. Fuckin' ew!

4. Rob Lowe
One of the originals. With a sex tape that not only ruined his career, Lowe was busted doing stuff with an underage fan. Whoops. Anyhoo, since those fine days, he's become a bit part as well. Awe...

5. Jayne Kennedy
Any chick that stars in blaxploitation, looks sensuous as a reporter and just about makes ya go giddy when she's in short-cut dresses, then look no further than this one. The alleged 'holy grail' of celebrity videos involves a fisting scene that is to die for.

Think you've got one that topples those- Leave your comments below!