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Top 5 January Moments

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Friday, 1 February 2008
So it begins, another year in the midst of festivals, breaking news, punters gone wild, the dire state of electronic music (again) and the ever-growing world of ... whatever you're into.

January's come and gone, but as far as entertainment news, festivals and punters go, it will be one to remember for quite some time. Here's our Top Five January moments.

5. Big Day Out
Currently still making the rounds of Australia, BDO is a must for any enthusiast of rock or electronica. This year saw the return of two of music's most respected entities in Bjork and Rage Against The Machine. In what was a bumper of a shindig in Sydney and Melbourne, we have a load of pictures for you to look at.

4. Shore Thing - Sneaky Sound System Live
Groove Armada was solid, but hometown heroes Sneaky Sound System gave Sydney audiences one of the most memorable nights of the year (okay, it was last year, but it deserves to be in here!). Shore Thing still puts out the best and brightest.

3. Tiesto to Wed
Girls (literally) around the world were devastated to learn that the favourite son of Trance in tying the knot later this year to his 19-year-old sweetheart. We're not quite sure why someone approaching 40 needs to marry someone half his age, but then again, it's worked for a plethora of people in Hollywood. (Ew)

2. Corey Worthington - network legend.
Corey made a massive stain on the media world when he helped 500 kids get their internet on in real life. Pity the kids didn't figure out the difference between smashing cars in Grand Theft Auto and the real world. With just over a week within the fame game, Corey is now getting bashed for his efforts, which includes a punch-on at Fountain Gate shopping centre.

1. Heath Ledger - 1979-2008
Perhaps the biggest story of the year happened in the first month of 2008, when on the 22nd of January, he was found lifeless in a Manhattan apartment. The pictures and videos that rolled out of New York depicted a sadness beyond any of us. Australia lost an icon in the making.