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Top 5 March Moments

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Monday, 31 March 2008
5. Top 10 Shit Facebook Apps
The biggest social-networking site gets a bit of a once-over from our resident cynic, Aaron Roach.

4. Nick Skitz featuring Melissa Tkautz - I Want Your Love
Okay, so we don't normally include the videos in this segment, but it got a swag of views from our readers, so we thought it necessary to show you the clip, in all its glory and cover-like stuff.

3. Big Bands Announce Video Contests
Two of the world's biggest bands decided they'd capitalise on their internet album downloads 'innovation' and have people from around the world share their visions of what a film clip should look like. Great idea, but nothing too innovative...just good marketing.

2. Sasha - Mixed, Remixed, Unmixed
It's been a big year for the dude, so it makes sense to include a traffic driver in our list. The latest release has a multitude of music for you to get excited about.

1. Man Arrested After Claiming Pot Stolen
It goes without saying that any kind of moron that assumes he won't be arrested on suspicion of cultivating drugs after reporting them stolen deserves the number-one spot on any list. He's from South Australia, though, so it's okay - they probably can't read anyway.